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The Thing

Another international collab we are very proud of. We have been teaming up with the fine people of KRECHER up in Norway to bring you this hazy Nelson bomb. . Our signature malt bill to give it a pillowy and soft mouthfeel is loaded with fresh Nelson, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. . White grapes, red berries and a slight touch of citrus. Read More

Earth Past

There’s a big sign inside the brewhouse at Polly’s HQ that simply reads “Never stop improving”. Corny as it may be, we apply this motto to every one of our beers, and we feel we’ve really come on leaps and bounds with our sour beer game over the course of 2021. Our never-ending goal of getting better with each successive beer takes another step forward with Earth Past – utilizing what we can only describe as a “helluva lot” of plums and cherries, we’ve added an extra edge to this beer by treating it with Halen Môn sea salt, made a stone’s throw away from us in Anglesey. The result is a heavily fruited gose that carries all the usual Polly’s sour trademarks – tart, sweet and moreishly salty. Read More

Rosé Gold

Rosé sour ale - a golden sour with a rosé hue from a fruity-floral blend of hibiscus, rose hips, and Schisandra berries Read More

Bière de Saison Damson

Seen in 4.4 and 4.9% ABV. A superb version of Kernel's Bière de Saison, a blend of fresh and barrel aged beers with added British damsons for 4 months. This is tart and funky, with a little bit of underlying nutty complexity and absolutely bags of fruit! Read More

Coconut Coffee Stout By Rackhouse

This beer is defined by a natural marriage of coconut, rum and bourbon which produce aromas of coconut cream pie. Upon the first sip, light notes of honey and spice dance on the tongue before freshly-brewed coffee intertwines with the dominant toasted coconut flavours. The finish has a boozy edge which is softened by vanilla-forward sweetness and oak lactones from both the coconut and 14 months in bourbon & rum barrels. Read More

Acknowledge This, We Deserve Better

Piney, zesty and botter with a caramel malt backbone. It stikes like lightning: sudden and severe. It takes your breath away and you drop to the floor in gripping agony. Could you tolerate this, every day? One in ten people with a uterus live with Endometriosis. There is no cure and it takes an average of seven years to get a diagnosis, so we're donating 50% of profits from this International Women's Day beer to Endometriosis UK. Designed by our brewday guests and the women of Cloudwater, this is an ode to the classic West Coast IPA of the 1990s. it's bold and rolls with the punches. Just like us. Read More


Imperial Gose z marakują, mango i gujawą, 18°Blg Naelektryzowane powietrze, cisza i spokój? Tak, nadciąga burza. Ulewa soczystych owoców marakui, mango, gujawy! Uwolnij burzę! Efekt fluidów powstałych przy współpracy browaru Nepomucen i Funky Fluid... Psssst, nadchodzi orzeźwienie! Read More

Super Happy!

An amped-up twist on our popular Pale Ale Happy! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This doubled-up version of our modern session Pale Ale will leave you twice as Happy! It retains all the drinkability of the original, while providing an even greater rush of fresh hop aromatics. Bright tropical fruits and juicy citrus carried by a smooth body and rounded off by a refreshing, dry finish. Read More