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Øksnevad DDH NEPA

En New England Pale Ale som er en hyllest til nabolaget vårt, hvor både RYGR og BIRK bryggeri- utsalg holder til. Hazy NEPA med tropisk aroma. Humle: Pacific sunrise, Citra, Mosaic cryo. Read More

Supertubos Bemböle

Inspired by a surfing trip to the legendary Supertubos of Portugal. This collab with Mount Holly Beer Co. is a highly crushable and juicy Soft IPA that rolls with Citra, Mosaic and Cashmere hops. Read More

Table Beer (2021 onwards)

Our Table Beer is designed to provide ultimate refreshment at session strength low ABV. Mosaic and Vics Secret hops are combined to give notes of sweet berries and candied fruits, in this new brew straight from the Brewpub. Vegan friendly. Vegan. Read More

North X the Craft Beer Channel Double Triple Fruited Gose

When The Craft Channel reached out to brew up a collab to celebrate 10 years, how could we refuse! And what better way to celebrate than taking our Triple Fruited Gose and doubling it! Especially after their 2019 Beer log questioned 'what is a triple fruited gose?' We’ve taken our signature slick Gose base and packed it full of Blackberry, Gooseberry and Blueberry. Combining these fruits and heightened aroma and flavour profiles that even we weren’t expecting – the gentle spicy note from the blueberries with a hint of star anise on the nose and soft pepper on the finish. The Gooseberries provide a sherbet tartness and zesty aroma, beautifully balanced with a decadent dark fruitiness from the Blackberries. Read More

Death By Disco

There is evil in the world, and then there's disco.This beautiful sweet stout brewed with Cervesiam and Frontaal serves as a big tasty warning that , as George Santayana said: " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Read More

You You Pangu

Lervig and Slowboat have gotten their minds in sync to create a modern era Juicy IPA brewed with true Kveik yeast from Ebbegarden farm in Stordal Norway. The yeast is a perfect IPA strain due to its fruity tropical flavor it imparts as it ferments at high temperatures. We used generous amounts of Citra, Mouteka and Simcoe hops to allow the yeast to pair with each other. The beer itself is juuuicey 8,2% abv with haze and soft supple mouthfeel and balance. Tastes like a pineapple starburst, Pavlova and a Bellini cocktail all in one sip. Read More

Fated Farmer: Cranberry

The grist of each of the dynamic Fated Farmer wild ales is set on the structure of Valley Malt and is barrel fermented in 500L puncheons with our Native New England Wild Culture and aged for 5-7 months, before refermenting on freshly harvested fruit. Fresh, locally-sourced Cape Cod cranberries provide a brilliant ruby hue to the latest interpretation of Fated Farmer. Bright red fruit aromas from cranberry to raspberry spring from the glass, while a bouquet of floral tones offers a depth of flavor to each sip. Subtly sweet, with an energizing acidity and underlying native yeast character, Cranberry Fated Farmer finishes nimble and refreshing. Read More

Griffon Bruxellois (2017)

We debuted Griffon Bruxellois in 2012 at a few of our events and it was quite a hit. It returns in 2017 - in bottles and on draft - from Bruery Terreux. This balanced, sour brown ale was aged in oak barrels with cherries, giving it a soft, tart fruit flavor to compliment the subtle dark fruit notes and gentle tannic complexity. Its ripe nature is tempered by its calming barrel-aged character. It not just a rewarding trip for the senses... it's a trip down memory lane. Read More